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Nicolette Maguire Bonnstetter

Featured Artist for Artyshark, a organization dedicated to promoting exceptional artists

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ImagesAZ Blog, Artwork: With Wit, Wisdom and Wonder

Writer Donna Kublin
Photographer Bryan Black

The Foodhills Focus: New color, space demensions delight artist, by Shea Stanfield

The "stuff" of life is the inspiration for the color, shape and textures of Nicolette Bonnstetter's abstract realism style of art.


Desert Foothills Chronicle Featured Artist: Color and Space Lead to a New Dimension

One of the reviews of her work called it archival, you will recognize the subjects in her work from your childhood, your travels, your loves, the fashion old and new.

On a very personal level she draws you in with the images and hugs you in color and space.

Funky Shui
"I want my home to reflect who we are." Many homes are an extension of the furniture store." "Color and pattern are what I collect. I love the way similar things look when they are displayed."

These same elements can be seen in her art work.

A Visual Journal
"I hope when people look at my art, they see my life." nkb

An article written by Anne Pagel for the Lincoln's Lifestyle Magazine, December, 2004
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A Celebration of Quotable Women Artists", the annual member exhibit of the Nebraska Women's Caucus of the Arts
Kearney Hub, August, 2004

"I shop therefore I am," a quote from Barbara Kruger, is paired with this acrylic painting by Nicolette Bonnstetter.

As an art educator for over thirty years, my passion in the arts is helping others discover the joy art can bring to each of our lives through questioning and discovery. Because I teach at the college level, I have students of all ages and backgrounds. Listening to these students and listening to my family, I know we all have full houses. Houses of old and new things that have been found, things we have been given, or things we cherish. The hope is these objects will fit somewhere someday. this particular painting shows objects that are associated with each of the members of my house, the objects form memories that make up who we are.
In her role as President of Nebraska Art Impact, Nicolette Maguire Bonnstetter is interviewed about Nebraska Impact and their artists.

Women's Caucus for Art
2002 Midwest Regional

An invitational exhibit featuring the work of WCA members from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Women's Caucus for Art

An invitational exhibit held at the Lied Education Center for the Arts at Creighton University.

From The Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful Things
(click on the image to the left to view how Nicolette's daughter has influenced her art for many years.)

Additional information concerning Nicolette's "Little People" .